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We had Paul from Projects Galore build and install new stained wood shelving in our pantry to replace the builder-grade white wire shelves. Paul listened to what I wanted and that is exactly what he built. He said he would be able to complete the job in one day and to my amazement, that is what he did. Also, he charged less than the estimate I got for the same job two years ago! May have been our first project with Paul but it won’t be our last!

Diane Roth

I used Paul from Projects Galore to repair some rotted siding and water damage on my house. Paul always showed up on time for the estimate as well as the work days. His communications were timely and accurate.

The initial estimate was tentative because we did not know what we’d find after opening up the corner. After getting a clear look there was extra work/material needed to repair the right way so I expected the price to go up. I was confused when the final bill was less than the initial estimate. Paul said the materials actually came in substantially less than his estimate and low and behold he actually passed the savings on to me! That is the first time I have ever had a contractor charge me less than initial estimate, unbelievably honest on Paul’s part.

Anyway, outside of that Paul did excellent work, cleaned up after himself each day and finished on time. If you need any projects done around the house I highly recommend Project Galore!

Bryan Ziel

Highly recommend! I had Parker on a multi-day deck repair job. He’s a great worker, communicates well, explains his work progress, problems solves, and communicates effectively. And his work was superb! Very fair and trustworthy. Again, I highly recommend.

David Gould

As a retired commercial contractor, I was dubious that a man could be a master of so many trades. I gave them a try and I have to say I’m sold. Paul and his son Parker were a pleasure to deal with and the work was perfect. I had a list of things to do for getting our house ready to sell and included many different types of things. He repaired our massive front door so it would close correctly (something others had worked on and failed), patched drywall, painted, stained, caulked, counter repairs and misc. stuff I couldn’t do myself. As an added bonus, his charges were very reasonable. I of course will use him in the future and look forward to it.

Oh did I mention he answered my call on a Sunday to get information on his business..

Vic Hencken

Paul from Projects Galore repaired some tile damage in our shower. Water had leaked thru some tiles on the door sill that wasn’t installed properly to begin with. Removed all tiles on the sill, cleaned and dried the area and installed new tile. Looks better than new now and the shower door even functions better (properly hung now). Paul even took upon himself to identify some other cracks in the shower area, clean them out and re-grout them. Excellent work and good to have someone to call on for those maintenance projects that always come up around the house.

Bert T.

This is the second time we’ve used Projects Galore and we’re continually appreciative of their timeliness and ability to troubleshoot problems. Would highly recommend!
Jeremy Selan

We have a large balcony with lots of planters that hang on the rails, as well as many flower pots sitting on the deck of the balcony. Unfortunately, there is no outside faucet, and watering all of these every day with a watering can (filled up inside) is a huge chore.

Paul put together and installed a self contained irrigation system that integrated the following:

a water reservoir, a filter, a demand pump, a wall mounted timer to power the pump, a timer to regulate when to water, length of run time, etc., 40+ feet of main supply line completely hidden on the outside of the balcony rail, and feeds to each planter that in turn connect to the irrigation tape in each planter.

Paul’s work is meticulous (exquisite might be a better word), he is punctual, when he finishes there is no clean up and his rates are very fair. In short, Paul is the consummate professional.

I highly recommend Paul and Projects Galore.


Finally!! I now have someone to call on to get a job done. Someone who is professional, responsive, delivers high quality work, and picks up where my skills end. By the way, my skills have a very short resume and I expect I will be calling on Paul often.

Wayne Snyder

Can’t recommend Paul enough…he does excellent work, is responsive, considerate, and we trust him completely. He helped with multiple projects after moving into our new home, including drywall, fixing doors, hanging and painting French doors, and screening on a porch. He did a great job, was thorough, and even fixed other issues we hadn’t even brought up initially. Very thankful for Paul and we will definitely be utilizing him in the future!

Alex Teal

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